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Student Advisory and Industry Connections

Committee Members

  • Trang Bui
  • Anna Stepanov
  • Mark Henne
  • Michael Riepe

Mission Statement

Help connect students with industry experts for career networking. Help connect the Baskin School with judges, sponsors, and project ideas for the capstone engineering project course. Liaison with leaders of student clubs, societies, and groups (ACM, EGSA, eWomen, IEEE, ISMA, MEP, QG, SHPE, NSBE, SWE, TauBetaPi, etc). Liaison with the University Career Center in support of their student recruitment activities.

Action Items

Meet with Prof. Matt Guthaus, IEEE faculty advisor

Meet with Prof. Pat Mantey, TBP faculty advisor

Meet with Prof. Richard Hughey, SWE faculaty advisor

Meet with Prof. Charlie McDowell, ACM faculty advisor

Meet with representative from UCSC Career Center


11/20/2010 Meeting with Prof. Guthaus